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Amazing Grace Job and Life Skills Program

April 28, 2023

Participants will gain needed OCS Hours(48) and meaningful exposure to work and social skills. Our program will be counted as “paid work hours” for OCS Students and can also be used on Resumes as Job Skills Training. This 3 Week … Read more

Building Abilities Summer Camp

April 27, 2023

Triangle Disability & Autism Services, an affiliated chapter of The Arc, supports children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities [IDD] and autism in the achievement of their personal goals and dreams in our community through partnership and advocacy. Our … Read more

Social Cafe Camp

March 8, 2023

From our house to yours: together we’ll help you learn to make lunches in an organized, safe and easy fashion-independently, using only a microwave. Students will make yummy lunches, adapting to their preferences: meals such as a warm vegetable pasta … Read more

Camp Chameleon

March 6, 2023

Camp Chameleon is passionate about providing a track out camp to the severe/ moderate disabled child. The vision is to allow these children to have fun like other typically developed children, while keeping the cost affordable for parents. This will … Read more

Camp Escape

February 28, 2023

Camp Escape is a high quality activity based summer camp specifically designed for campers with developmental and/or physical disabilities. This camp provides daily activities onsite for kids ages 5-21 while promoting social interaction. Participants will engage in recreational games, team … Read more

EmpowHer Camp

February 28, 2023

EmpowHer Camp is a fun and exciting one year program for youth* with disabilities ages 13-18. EmpowHer Camp starts with one week of adventurous camping in the Adirondacks where we explore nature, make friends, and laugh around the campfire. We … Read more

Imprints Cares Summer Enrichment Camp

February 28, 2023

Our summer enrichment camps offer children the chance to run, jump, laugh, and play together as they imagine, explore and discover in a safe, nurturing educational environment. Imprints Cares camps have additional value because our team of teachers and teacher … Read more

Applied Family Services Summer Camp

February 28, 2023

Applied Family Services, is offering summer camps for rising K – 8th grade. M-F, 8-1 (after care possible). AFS Summer Camp is the best way to keep your child engaged during the summer! We welcome children of all developmental levels … Read more

Milestones Summer Camp

February 28, 2023

Held in Milestone’s Learning Center classrooms, sensory gym, fenced outdoor play yard, and individual therapy rooms. Children receive instruction and support in speech and language, fine and gross motor, cognitive and social skills, and adaptive and play skills. Activities include … Read more

Shine! Theatre Camp

February 28, 2023

Theatre Camp in Winston-Salem for children ages 8-18 with special needs.