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Become a Parent Mentor

Interested in becoming a parent mentor?  Here's what you need to know!

Parent Mentor Orientation

Welcome to the Family Support Network (FSN) of NC Parent Mentor Orientation. We are thrilled you are interested in becoming a Parent Mentor to help other families who have children with special healthcare needs, a NICU experience or disabilities.

Step 1: Contact your regional FSN program coordinator

If you would like to become a Parent Mentor and have not spoken to an FSN coordinator, please email your regional FSN program for more information about our training process.

Use this link to find your regional FSN program

Step 2: Register for a Training

The Parent Mentor Orientation Training is offered in a variety of ways. Parent Mentor Orientation Trainings will always be listed on the calendar of our website. We offer virtual statewide trainings, open to anyone across the state, quarterly. Many affiliate programs offer smaller in person trainings throughout the year. The trainings may be offered as a Combined Training (meaning Part 1 and Part 2 are completed together as a group) or as a 2 Part Training (meaning participants complete part 1 of the training in self paced modules and complete part 2 of the trianing as part of a live group).

Self Paced Work: If you have registered for a 2 Part Training, you will receive a password from the Training Facilitator for the self paced portion. You can click the link below and enter your password to begin your self paced work.

Parent Mentor Orientation Training Self Paced Work

Live Group Training: No matter which type of training you register for, there will be a live group training component. Once you have registered, your facilitator will provide details for the live training portion.

Frequently Asked Questions

A parent mentor is a caregiver of a loved one with a disability or special healthcare need who has lived experience navigating through systems such as schools, insurance, and paid service providers. Parent Mentors are volunteers for FSN affiliate programs and are matched with other parents and caregivers who are seeking support on their journey of caring for their own loved one with a disability or special healthcare need and act as a support and caring connection. Although we use the word parent, Parent Mentors may be parents, adult siblings, or other family members who have participated in caring for and raising a child with disabilities or special healthcare needs.
After going through FSN’s Exclusive Parent Mentor Orientation Training, Parent Mentors are matched with other parents or caregivers requesting support. Parent Mentors offer a listening ear and connect with other parents because of their shared life experiences. Parent Mentors may meet with parents they are matched with in person, over email, through text or any variety of ways that works for both parents. Parent Mentors may volunteer with FSN affiliate programs in leadership roles, as panelists, trainers, and support group facilitators.
Parents and caregivers who feel they have a good understanding of what it takes to navigate through systems for their child and who feel comfortable helping others navigate those systems might make good Parent Mentors. FSN affiliates offer quarterly virtual statewide Parent Mentor trainings. Caregivers interested in becoming a Parent Mentor should check our calendar for upcoming virtual trainings or reach out to your local affiliate to learn about in person training opportunities
If you would like the support of a Parent Mentor, you can reach out to your local affiliate by visiting our map or you can contact us with your questions by visiting our Contact Us page!