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Jody Miller

Jody L. Miller is the Community Engagement Coordinator for Region A Partnership for Children. She previously worked as the Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania Northeast Coordinator for five years before moving to NC as the Family Support Network™ of Region A Coordinator. As of July 1, 2016, her title became the Community Engagement Coordinator and encompasses the role of FSN coordinator as well as providing leadership and coordination for the seven county Smart Start Teams and the Cherokee Children’s Coalition in collaboration with the Local Interagency Coordinating Councils. Jody has a stepson who had behavioral health issues, anger management issues, and suffers from depression. She earned an AAS in Accounting as well as one in Business Management. She is currently enrolled in the nonprofit online program with Southern New Hampshire University and will graduate with a BS in Nonprofit Leadership in May 2017. Jody plans to continue her education for a Master’s degree and possible Doctorate. She enjoys reading, swimming, fishing, and gardening.

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