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From our house to yours: together we’ll help you learn to make lunches in an organized, safe and easy fashion-independently, using only a microwave. Students will make yummy lunches, adapting to their preferences: meals such as a warm vegetable pasta bowl, chili stuffed baked potato or Asian fried rice. Sides might include a pasta salad or a healthy vege salad with homemade vinaigrette. And of course, a few simple desserts! Menu changes every week. Sign up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Tuesday and Thursday or both, for cooking 5 days a week!

A big part of the class is first shopping, organizing your ingredients and then prepping them one at a time on a cutting board. Your instructor, Rhonda Maiani will show you techniques to safely cut (with even a butter knife) foods to complete a nice lunch. She’ll send out a shopping list each Saturday, so you will have plenty of time to shop for all your ingredients, using store brands and fresh produce. Dietary needs and preferences will be taken into account.

Rhonda Maiani is a retired Speech Pathologist, from the school system. She is also an award-winning cook who knows how to stay on a budget! Working from your own home means you won’t have to learn to use one tool in class and then a different one at home. We’ll even clean up together to leave your home clean and probably smelling wonderful from the food that we cooked!