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Participants will gain needed OCS Hours(48) and meaningful exposure to work and social skills. Our program will be counted as “paid work hours” for OCS Students and can also be used on Resumes as Job Skills Training.

This 3 Week Program will meet 3 days a week during the summer and we will have several sessions in morning and afternoon. It is located at The Collective/One Life Church (Amazing Grace Advocacy Office).

We will meet IN PERSON as a small group of 12 Teens. We have 4 College Interns and 4 Amazing Grace Staff Members running the program.

What we will be doing:

Real life applications in Mock Environments
Work in a “Bank, Store, Restaurant & Office”
Manage your own “Apartment” and Life Skills
Explore systems and how to self advocate
Learn how to manage money/credit/checks
Practice job applications and interviews
Work through real life challenges
Social interactions with peers & adults