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Services and Supports

FamilyAll FSN Regional Affiliates Offer:

Parent-to-Parent Support
One-to-one emotional and informational support for parents with a child who has special needs by a trained Parent Mentor. Matching parents of newly diagnosed children with experienced, trained support parents helps families adjust, adapt, and feel supported.
Parent Mentor Orientation
A six-hour workshop for parents who have received support and gained experience that they now want to "give back" to parents who are new to the journey. This workshop equips experienced parents and caregivers with tools needed to provide new parents with social, emotional and informational support.
Information and Referral
Regional FSN affiliates provide families and service providers with information and referrals to community and regional services and resources to help children and their families.
Support Groups and Workshops
Provides social and emotional support, information and skills training, and leadership opportunities for families.
Service System Navigation Support
Assistance navigating complex service systems to increase access to needed supports and services for children and their families.
Parent to Parent Matching for Rare Disorders

All FSN Affiliates are able to request Parent-to-Parent matches for rare diseases and disorders. FSNNC is an Alliance Member of Parent-to-Parent USA a national network of Parent to Parent programs across the country matching parents seeking support with experienced, trained 'Support Parents.

Some FSN Regional Affiliates Also Offer:
  • Outreach to specific populations – families with a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), foster/adoptive families
  • Sibshops™ – workshops for siblings of children who have special needs
  • Parent leadership opportunities
  • Lending libraries (materials on topics related to special needs).
  • Newsletters about current topics and events
  • Social events for families – inclusive community-based activities for social and emotional support

FSN University Office Offers:
The FSN University Office supports the work of FSN Affiliates with funding, technical assistance, program development and evaluation, and statewide information and referral.