Parent Mentor Orientation

Welcome to the Family Support Network (FSN) of NC Parent Mentor Orientation. We are thrilled you are interested in becoming a Parent Mentor to help other families who have children with special healthcare needs, a NICU experience, or disabilities.

Step 1: Contact your regional FSN program coordinator

If you would like to become a Parent Mentor and have not spoken to an FSN coordinator, please email your regional FSN program for more information about our training process. Use this link to find your regional FSN program

Step 2: Take Part 1 and Part 2 of the Parent Mentor Orientation

The Orientation is in 2 parts.  Both parts must be completed before you are an approved Parent Mentor. 

Part 1:  Videos - Your FSN program coordinator will give you the password to access the videos. The videos are approximately 1 hour long and there will be a short assessment at the end.

Parent Mentor Orientation Training Videos

Part 2: Group Training - Participate in a group training either in person or virtually.  Group training lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a time to share your story.