Brenda Boberg

Brenda Boberg, Executive Director of Family Support Network Eastern North Carolina collaborates with parents and professionals involved in Parent-to-Parent.  For over twenty years, she has focused on the development and implementation of programs designed to enhance the communication, support, and participation of families who have a child at University Health Systems Eastern Carolina, Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Her work extends into the community of Greenville, North Carolina and surrounding counties as she leads the organization in providing support and resource information to families who have a child with a disability, chronic illness, and premature birth or have experienced the death of a child.  As an intern site for students in Marriage & Family Therapy, Child Life, Social Work, and Human Service, she provides learning experiences enabling students to gain knowledge in the interpersonal family dynamics and the long-term effects of having a child with a chronic illness or diagnosed condition.

Brenda is a member of the National Perinatal Association helping to advance quality education, at state and local levels, seeking to improve perinatal health.  She also serves on the Pitt County Memorial Hospital Steering Committee for Patient-and-Family Centered Care, Palliative Care Steering Committee, Bereavement Committee and Women and Children’s Division Leadership.  With her involvement with the NC parent-to-parent, she has served as chair of the Steering Committee with the statewide Family Support Network and past chair of the Affiliation Sub-committee. Brenda is currently on the Executive Committee of the Family Support Network of North Carolina Affiliation Council.

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